I have 15 years of experience teaching voice and work one-on-one with singers & artists online or in person (Nashville, TN).
Please message me at contact@alliemoss.com about rates, technique and scheduling.

My songwriting partner and bandmate Bess Rogers began Thinking Outside the Blocks in 2016, as a passion project that combines our love for teaching with our love for writing. We now offer 3 online workshops to help writers unlock creativity, advance their songwriting and avoid writer's block. Bess Rogers & I share personal experiences and challenge you to continue growing your songs. Read more & sign up at www.thinkingoutsidetheblocks.net.

Allie really helped me understand the mechanisms that help you sing, and how to work to improve on them. She gives straightforward, easy to follow instruction, and gives you a clear path to your goals, all the while maintaining your “sound”. The best and most effective vocal coaching sessions I’ve had!
— Alice Kristiansen
As my vocal coach, Allie has given me the confidence and skill to expand my musical range. She provides challenging warmup exercises that improve my vocal reach. Most importantly, Allie has a wonderful way of honoring my unique style and my vocals have matured tremendously under her guidance.
— Hannah, Age 14
Under Allie’s mentorship and guidance my songwriting skills have improved immensely. I really appreciate how she listens carefully, understands the intent of what I’m trying to say, and helps me get to the heart of it, offering gentle and wise suggestions. She gives terrific writing exercises, and assignments that keep me writing and finishing songs. Allie is also great at helping match lyrics with chord structures and melodies. I always leave our sessions feeling inspired, confident, and eager to write songs. Truly one of the best teachers I’ve had.
— Daryl F.
Working with Allie has truly been a wonderful experience for me; I have made noticeable gains as a singer, and I continue to do so using what she has taught me. She has expanded my general awareness of how my instrument works, giving me the knowledge to produce stronger vocals when necessary. I am performing smoother transitions between my bridges and have more control of my voice as a result of her thoughtful exercises and coaching. I highly recommend!
— Evangelia
After struggling with writer’s block for several years, I started taking song coaching classes with Allie with the hope of just reconnecting to the process and rekindling some kind of creative spark. Within the first few sessions on Google Hangouts (I live about 2000 miles away), Allie gave me specific exercises and approaches that helped me kickstart several new song ideas. A few months later, I was back in the studio recording my first track in 7 years. I feel incredibly grateful and lucky to be able to work with one of my songwriting heroes. I highly recommend working with Allie if you’re feeling stuck and need some expert tips for getting back into the creative groove.
— Drew Pearce
A year ago I started working with Allie to improve my vocal accuracy in the studio and to become a better collaborator with respect to a current duo project. I record specific practice exercises when we work together, in person, and she shares the virtual recordings that we make during remote sessions. Now I get a lot more out of my personal practice sessions. My work with her improves my breathing, my listening, and the way I shape my words and tone.
— David G.