I have fond experiences of being coached. Gymnastics, cross country, and theatre in my youth. Guitar and voice later on (and currently!). All of my coaches took time to build trust with me. They helped me see my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me tools-- and encouragement--to get better. 

I don't have songwriting accolades but what I do have is experience fighting my own negative thoughts, the confidence that I can keep getting better, and practical tools to keep from getting creatively blocked.

Bess Rogers has been my band mate, friend and writing partner for over 10 years. We created Thinking Outside the Blocks together and it is a joy to lead it with her. (She is very funny; we laugh a lot.) If you are feeling MEH about your creative life, hit us up. We would be honored to help coach you out of that. We have some workshops coming up in March and April.

Allison Moss